Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tidbits from Martha's Vineyard

My kiddos are on vacation this week with their dad down at their Martha's Vineyard house. Earlier in the week I decided to go over for a night to get in some last minute quality time with them. Not only was it a nice break, but I also got the chance to celebrate M's birthday with her, and as an added extra special birthday treat for M I picked up her best friend K, and she accompanied me down to the Vineyard! As usual their was no shortage of the kiddo crazy talk but the following were some of my favorites.

Upon spying the GIGANTIC spider in the outside shower J quickly replied with "There's nothing itsy bitsy about you Big Guy!".

K: Hey M want to know the best thing about turning 12!?! You no longer have to order of the kiddy menu!

And then when K and I got back to The Cape to retrieve my car and found ourselves slightly stranded with no car keys (LONG story) we decided to make the best of it and went out to eat. When the waitress asked us if we wanted to bring our leftovers home K replied with a straight face "No thanks... we don't really have a home to go to right now."

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